Kultursplitter: Talent Show for Grades 5-12

For many years, our talent show Kultursplitter has been a highlight of the school year. This year, on March 22nd, about 50 students from grade 5 to 12 took to the stage. The vibrant program consisted of beautiful—sometimes even virtuosic—pieces for piano and violin. We even had an awesome karate presentation! It was wonderful to watch large groups of students performing a piece together. It must have taken a lot of practice to reach such a high level of performance.

The students also introduced the audience to the ukulele, an instrument which has become quite popular recently. Our ukulele players accompanied single singers, small groups, and even a chorus of nine girls. Our students can now learn the ukulele in a FuF-class thanks to a generous donation from the FRIENDS of the German International School Washington D.C., which was used to purchase enough instruments for all the students enrolled in this class. Thank you so much!

The audience in the packed assembly hall showed their appreciation after every performance with enthusiastic applause. Well done, everybody!

A. Linnenbrink & R. Endenich

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