Lycée Rochambeau visits GISW

On Saint-Martin-Day, for the first time since the pandemic, we had a visit from Lycee Rochambeau at the GISW. This visit took place in the context of a French-German school exchange.  Our sixth-graders who are learning French and the seventh-graders of the French School who are learning German met.

The students celebrated this festive day together. There were fun activities to get to know each other. The Saint-Martin story was presented and replayed by the students who also sang songs together. After a tour of the school, they all had a relaxing lunch break and ate at our cafeteria. All participants enjoyed their time very much.

This event was organized by the French teachers of the GISW, Ms. Jeannine Chérif and Ms. Hamandia-Güldenberg in cooperation of Ms Sabine Cox, German teacher at Lycée Rochambeau. This was our kick-off meeting for the building of a future students-exchange-program in the studies of foreign languages (French & German) between both schools

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