May 11, 2022: SE-Day at GISW


Schul-Entwicklungs-Tag — School Development Day

May 11,2022

Gemeinsam sind wir bunt und stark!

We are celebrating our cultural diversity and international community!


Dear preschoolers, dear students,

We invite you to our second SE-Day on May 11, 2022!

What does SE-Day mean? - It is our school development day, which we want to celebrate every year at GISW. Here you have the opportunity to help shape the development of the school. Our motto this year: Internationality!

Who organizes the SE-Day? – The steering group of the GISW

Who participates? - Preschool, SES, elementary school and secondary school, everyone is involved. We hope that the day will strengthen our sense of community at the GISW and, above all, offer a lot of fun and variety.

Preliminary program (preschool, SES and elementary school may vary)   

     8.10 -   8.55 a.m.   Lessons according to schedule

     9.00 -   9.40 a.m.   Kick-off event with scholl photo of all GISW students

     9.40 - 12.15 a.m.   Work in the individual classes and groups „Cultural diversity and international community at the GISW“

                                    Meanwhile: International breakfast (children bring it from home)

   12.15 - 13.45 a.m.   Lunch / presentation of results

                                    Ice cream truck (A big thanks to the Friends!)

   13.45 - 15.10 a.m.   Clean up / Lessons according to plan


We are very excited about this event, which was newly introduced last year. For more information on school development, please visit the page at ABOUT US > School Development.

Best regards

OStD Annegret Jung-Wanders                           StR Michael Huber
Head of School                                                         Steering Committee Chair


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