MINT: Addendum to the 17th Children's University at GISW

As featured in last week’s Wednesday Mail, the science program for our 4th graders started on September 8th.

Here are some of the reports from class 4a:

The Children's University

Today the Children's University took place. We learned about three kinds of natural sciences. They are called chemistry, biology and physics. My favorite part was learning chemistry. For example, Professor Lommert put a piece of Styrofoam in a small bowl of acid. We could see it dissolve. Then he ate a candle. He also popped balloons with fire. That was cool! In biology, Ms. Augustin showed us a plastic lizard and a live lizard for comparison. We had to guess which lizard was real. We all guessed correctly and were able to explain it. In physics class, we learned about hot air balloons. Our teacher brought in a machine that could make lightning. We had to put a candle under the machine to make it hot.

Hashim E. 4a


The Children's University

At school I only enjoy one subject and that is science. I was very much looking forward to it and then it happened: The Children's University - it was so exciting!

In chemistry Mr. Lommert showed us how fire can react. It was interesting to see that fire doesn't just burn for hours, it can also burn for just a second.

In biology we saw how a gecko moves and how it eats.

Before we did our own experiment, we learned some physics. We made a mini hot air balloon using a burner. Then we saw how a can implodes. Finally, the whole fourth grade saw how the physics teacher turned on a machine where lightning went through two rods.

We all enjoyed the whole experience very much.

David A. 4a


Welcome to the Children's University

Can you eat a candle? This and many other questions were answered today in NAWI class in the science building!

Ms. Colopy, the director of the Children's University, introduced us to a new subject today: Natural Science. In this subject we learn about chemistry, physics and biology. The first thing we looked at was chemistry. During this presentation we made toothpaste that was foaming over. Mr. Lommert, the chemistry teacher, also showed us a great trick: how to dry a wet dollar bill again: First, he put the dollar in a liquid filled bowl and then took it out again. He then held a lighter next to the dollar bill. The dollar bill began to steam and after a few seconds it was dry again. Mr. Lommert also brought us three balloons that exploded. Chemistry will surely become one of my favorite subjects.

After chemistry came biology. In Biology, we compared a plastic lizard to a real lizard named Georgie. We also talked about reptiles while Georgi ate delicious applesauce. I am really looking forward to the next biology lesson with Ms. Augustin.

The last subject was physics, where we learned about electricity. It was a bit dangerous, but still a lot of fun. We talked about hot air balloons and even made one ourselves. And did you know that there is electricity in lightning? That's why we learned a lot about lightning, and I don't mean the lightning that takes pictures of your car! But my favorite part was when we produced electricity ourselves.

At the end of these exciting lessons, we were allowed to experiment ourselves. We went to a lab where there were tables with lots of equipment. We sat down, put on our gowns and goggles (very important!) and started our first experiment: We filled a glass with 50ml of water and added a spoonful of citric acid. Then we stirred it well until the water was clear again. With the pipette we next dropped in a few drops of a blue substance and stirred it well again. The water turned yellow! We took a glass with 50ml of water and added a spoonful of citric acid. Then we stirred it well until the water became clear.  With the pipette we also dropped in a few drops of a blue substance and stirred it well again. The water turned yellow! The last ingredient was a spoonful of baking soda.  It started foaming slightly, but shortly after the foam was gone.

It was so great to watch everything and I am really looking forward to the next NAWI lesson! But wait!!! I haven't even answered the candle question yet! That was actually just a fun trick. The candle was actually chocolate and caramel. Thanks for reading my article.

Hannah K. 4a

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