MINT-EC Camp in Heilbronn

During fall break, I had the opportunity to attend a MINT-EC event on modern molecular biology in Germany. After a long flight and several transfers, I was kindly welcomed by the MINT-EC team at the Experimenta Museum.

After all twenty participants had arrived, we had the opportunity to explore the interactive museum. Following our tour of the museum, we began the work in a biology lab, located in an adjacent building. For four days we researched and experimented in the laboratory, focusing especially on the subject of "genome engineering". Working with a variety of pipettes and other scientific devices was strenuous at times and required extreme precision and concentration. However, the efforts paid off in the form of successful experiments, good results and the acquisition of new knowledge. 

And after all the work was done we still had enough time to explore our surroundings.   

Since our hostel was centrally located, we had the opportunity to explore the city at night and also to get to know each other better.

All in all, I found the camp was a lot of fun, but also demanding and would recommend it to other students who are curious and look for opportunities to expand their knowledge in biology!

 -Ferdinand R. (12th grade)

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