Mint-EC-Camp „Molecular Biology“

Sixteen students from all over Germany, Turkey (Istanbul Lisesi) and the US (GISW) attended the Mint-EC-Camp “Molecular Biology” from May 6th to 10th, 2019. The camp took place in the Heissenberg-Gymnasium (HeiG) in Dortmund and was organized in collaboration with Bayer AG. The focus of this camp was the molecular genetic methods that are the foundation of diagnostics, research and practice in medicine and biology.

After a brief welcome by the organizers of the Mint-EC-Camp, we began our work in the lab of the Heissenberg Gymnasium. We started with isolating an unknown organism. Following this, we practiced methods of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and gel electrophoresis. During PCR, the genetic material is multiplied and during gel electrophoresis, the different lengths of DNA-Fragments are separated. These methods are taught in Biology class in the upper grades; however, many schools are lacking the necessary equipment to perform lab procedures.  

During the second and the third day we visited Bayer AG in Bergkamen. There, we got the chance to work in a Level 1 lab. We learned microbiological techniques, such as different inoculation techniques, streaking techniques to isolate single organisms and analysis of microorganisms in different growth media. In addition, we analyzed different cell cultures and studied the underlying theory.

We also went on a tour of the different facilities at the Bayer-AG.

To get a well-earned break from all the lab work, we visited the soccer museum and the DASA-Arbeitswelt exhibition in Dortmund.

On the last day, we analyzed the findings of the first day as well as the results of the DNA sequencing.

In recognition of our efforts all participants received certificates.

All-in-all the Mint-EC-Camp was very interesting and a complete success.

Ann-July E. (10A)

Inoculation of growth media (Bayer AG)

Inoculation of growth media (Bayer AG)

Analysis of inoculated growth media (Bayer AG)

Gel Electrophoresis (HeiG)


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