MINT-EC-Camps in Germany - Register by December 8th

Register for MINT-EC-Camps in Germany by December 8

The third event of our new MINT series for high school students grade 10-12 took place on December 1 in the auditorium. The topic presented was the MINT-EC Camps in Germany.

Julia F. (12b) and Maya K. (12a) reported on their varied and interesting experiences gained at camps on molecular biology at the Heisenberg Gymnasium in Dortmund and at the Experimenta in Heilbronn.

What is a MINT-EC-Camp?

A MINT-EC camp like two of our students have already experienced is a workshop, usually lasting five days, that takes place at a German university, scientific institute, business enterprise or MINT school. For one week students research and evaluate on a specific topic with the help of professors and scientists of all fields. In addition, there is an intensive exchange with other like-minded students.

The costs for these top-class academic camps, including accommodations and meals, are covered by the MINT-EC program. GISW helps with travel costs.

MINT400 Capital City Forum

Every year, 400 students from MINT-EC schools meet in the German capital Berlin. Together with their teachers, they visit research institutes, attend a career fair and take part in workshops. There are also networking events embedded in a supporting program that includes a visit to the School Lab of the German Aerospace Center, a tour of the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin-Buch, a visit to a plenary session of the German Bundestag, and other cultural highlights.

In March 2023, for the first time there will be also an opportunity to participate online in this event.

STEM camps scheduled for the 2nd semester 2023


01/23 – 01/27/23

Agile project management in prototyping - Pixel Watch    


03/02 – 03/03

MINT400 Capital Forum


03/06 – 03/10

Cluster Lab


03/13 – 03/16

Molecular Biology


03/13 – 03/17

Satellite technology


03/13 – 03/17

Chemistry from A-Z (A as in aspirin, Z as in dwarf - gr. nano)



App development with DB Systel

Frankfurt a. M.

03/28 – 03/31

Future Miracle Materials for Automobiles


11/04 – 04/15

HPI-Camp Computer Science


04/18 – 04/21

Sustainability in Resource Engineering


04/18 – 04/21

Innovative Plants at XLAB


04/18 – 04/21

Female chemists’ research in renewable energy


05/08 – 05/10

MINT meets Frankfurt School

Frankfurt a.M.

05/22 – 05/26

Physics in Berlin


Detailed descriptions at:


Application process

Applications for the MINT-EC camps and MINT 400 event are already open. Interested students in grades 10 through 12 should apply by email to the STEM coordinator by December 8, 2022: .

We look forward to lively participation!

Steffi Colopy

(STEM Coordinator)

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