MINT-EC Certificate at the GISW

By joining the MINT-EC school network, the German International School Washington D.C. became the first non-European school, and thus the only school in the US, which may officially award the MINT Certificate to qualified students.

What is the MINT EC Certificate?

The MINT EC Certificate is awarded to graduates in recognition of their achievements in the field of STEM.

For universities and companies, the certificate provides an external validation of a student’s performance and involvement in STEM fields during their school careers, supporting their applications for further studies and employment.

When does a student receive the MINT EC Certificate?

As this is our first year for awarding MINT EC Certificates, we will present the certificates to eligible students at the end of the current school year. In subsequent years, qualified students will be awarded the certificate together with their Abitur-Diplomas.

How does a student earn the MINT EC Certificate?

The most important criterion is a continuous engagement in STEM subjects throughout a student’s school career.

This includes, for example (Area III: Additional Activities):

• Participation in school, national and international science competitions

• Participation in AGs programs such as Naturalists, SchüEx, Robotics, Balloon project,  Or Neuroscience

• Enrollment in "Techniques of Laboratory Science (NWP)" as an elective in 8th and/or  9th grade

• Election of scientific modules in Enrichment Courses (FuF) in grades 5-9

• Internships at scientific institutions

• Participation in MINT camps

In the upper grades additional achievements are required:

• A 10-page scientific paper (Area II: Scientific Work)

The following options could be helpful to meet this requirement:

o The topic of a P5 exam in a MINT subject could be extended by a written paper.

o GER-Wirtschaftspreis: A 10 page paper could be produced in connection with a MINT-related project.

o An extracurricular scientific paper in one of the MINT subjects

• STEM subjects and grades (Area I: Student competence)

o Election of mathematics as a subject as part of the Abitur (written or oral exam in P4 or P5)

o Election of at least 2 additional STEM/MINT curricular courses in grades 10 – 12

o An average of 7 points must be achieved in all STEM subjects.

Note: Students may receive credit toward the MINT-EC Certificate requirements for verified STEM/MINT activities from a different school.

Questions? Contact the MINT-EC Coordinator Guido Müller:

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