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Dear students!

Mach MINT   

With the beginning of the 2018/19 school year, the GISW has become the first non-European MINT-EC School and as a result the first MINT-EC School in the United States. Read on to see what’s in it for you!

British Council School Slam – win 500 €!

If you are interested in the School Slam competition, you should send me an e-mail today. This is how it works: Small groups of students are asked to make a short MINT film, no more than 3 minutes long. The last day to sign up for the competition is October 1, 2018. The finished movies have to be turned in to MINT-EC by November 30.

These are last year’s winners – if they could do it, so can you!

MINT-EC SchoolSlam 2017/2018: Gymnasium Marianum: "The Genome Editing Tool CRISPR"

Finalbeitrag des Gymnasiums Marianum Meppen zum MINT-EC SchoolSlam mit British Council 2017/2018: "The Genome Editing Tool CRISPR"

The MINT-EC Certificate

Upon passing the Abitur, students may be awarded the MINT-EC Certificate if they can prove that they were involved in MINT-related subjects throughout their schooling and showed extraordinary involvement in MINT subjects outside of the classroom.

GISW guidelines:

GISW- Guidelines (German only. Please contact the MINT-EC Coordinator with questions)

Application and Forms:

What do you have to do to be awarded the certificate?  From grade 5 to 12 you will have to document all of your MINT activities (e. g. SchüEx, NWP, Naturforscher-AG, Air Program, competitions etc. ...). How do you do this? Your MINT Teacher or your MINT Coordinator will give you a small booklet so you can keep track of all your MINT activities.

When you enter 12th grade, you can apply for the MINT-EC Certificate by turning in the following documents by April 1st of your final year to your MINT Coordinator (please include your proof of participation):



      3. The booklet you have been using to list your activities from grade 5.

General guidelines:


Students who are interested in MINT subjects and activities can apply to participate in a MINT-EC Camp in Germany. The camps generally take place during a school semester. If you are interested in learning more or in participating, please contact you MINT Coordinator at the GISW.

Additional Information

You can find out more by visiting the MINT-EC website ( There, you can check out the MINT-EC student forum,which you can use to build a network in Germany. The website also has interesting information on attending universities in Germany and on upcoming MINT competitions.

Mach MINT!


Guido Müller

Department of Mathematics and Physics

MINT-EC Coordinator


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