GISW participates in the International MINT-EC-School Slam Competition

Three student teams of the upper school have been working hard over the last months to complete their videos for the MINT-EC competition. Now all we can do is wait and keep our fingers crossed for a good result in the evaluation by the British Council. The winning teams of this international competition will be invited to the MINT 400 forum in the German capital city of Berlin to receive their prizes.

What is the MINT EC School Slam?

MINT-EC and the British Council have launched this English-language video contest. Students study a STEM topic and then produce a three-minute video about it. Besides language skills participants have to prove their creativity and knowledge. Submissions are evaluated by a jury of the British Council. Decisive for success are the three big C’s: Content, Clarity and Charisma.

Feeling intrigued? Watch our Videos:

Team A

Yasmin H., Elsa K. und Indra P. (class 12AB) - STEM in our daily lives

We explored the many influences STEM has on our daily lives, following a student during her day: from counting the hours of sleep to explain the function of a light switch.

Team B

Ari A, Victoria P., Viktoria S. (class 12 AB)  - The Happy Pill

The Happy Pill begins as an infomercial for a drug that claims to make “your depression go away” by influencing the neurotransmitter, serotonin, in the human brain. We try to explain in a light-hearted way how that happens.

Team C

Manolo B., Lea K., Alejandra N (class 11 AB) - Time Dilatation 

Time travel can be explained through time dilation, a concept derived from Einstein’s Theory of  Relativity  which holds that time is relative: When someone moves extremely fast, time passes slower for them, relative to someone else moving at a slower pace. Therefore, the person for whom time is passing slower is a “time traveler”.

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