MINT presentation sparks interest

As part of the MINT-series Dr. -Ing, Gisbert Spieles, the Director of Process Development at Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC., visited the GISW to explain biochemical measurement techniques and describe some innovative products of his company.

Dr. Spieles graduated from RWTH Aachen University in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, one of the most prestigious schools in the field of science and technology in all of Europe. He has been working with Meso Scale Diagnostics in Rockville, MD since 2003.

The presentation covered measuring techniques his firm developed for important procedures and biological molecules. For example, Dr. Spieles showed us how blood sugar levels can be easily measured (Glycaemia), which provides a basis for determining quickly the Insulin supplement needed for a person with diabetes. Insulin, a peptide hormone that helps blood sugar enter the body’s cells to be used for energy, can then be administered in the right amount. This is just one example of different kinds of measurement needed and how they can help many people.

Dr. Spieles succeeded in making a rather complicated topic clear and easily understandable. I particularly liked the fact that we were allowed to ask questions during the presentation and were rewarded with chocolate tossed to us in the audience. We were also able to handle some of the measuring instruments, like a blood sugar tester, and to examine them closely.

Overall, I would say that we learned a lot of new things, on a topic most of us were only mildly aware of prior to the presentation - specifically how important correct measurements of biological molecules are in everyday life. The lecture was fun to attend and I can’t wait for the next one on March 1st.

Anneliese R. (9b)

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