NEWBEES: Become a Partner Family

Dear GISW Parents,

We are looking forward to the many New Families who will join the GISW for the upcoming school year. To ease the move to Washington DC and the start at the GISW for these New Families, the NEWBEES offer to connect them with Partner Families. Thus, we ask You, the experienced GISW families to:

Please become a Partner Family!


What do Partner Families do?

Upon request, the NEWBEES put the New Families in contact with a suitable Partner Family. The Partner Family is available to the New Family to answer questions about school life and to offer advice - and they could perhaps also be the first social contact at GISW! It is up to you, the Partner Family, to decide how and to what extent you want to help. Questions that we often receive concern a suitable place to live, opportunities to practice various sports - but above all, it is a great help when children from New Families get in touch with future classmates before the start of the new school year. Thus, when connecting families, our focus is on the ages of the children!


How do you become a Partner Family?

If you have decided to become a NEWBEES Partner Family, please fill out this questionnaire .

This questionnaire will help us to put you in contact with a New Family - the focus is on the ages of the children.


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time:


Thank you in advance for your support!

Best regards,



Cordi Everett

Claudia Hildebrand

Nina Rosendahl

Becky Kilhefner-White

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