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Photo: v.l.n.r.: Leonhard L., Malka E.. Not in the photo: Emilia A.

This year again, students of our GISW have successfully passed the Latinum exam or have acquired the Latinum through continuous Latin lessons.

As an "Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule ", GISW is proud that students have taken on this demanding challenge and passed with flying colors.

We congratulate them!

Michael Huber

Head of Latin Department and subject teacher


Information about the Latinum:

What is the Latinum?

The Latinum is a proof of excellent Latin language skills: "The awarding of the Latinum confirms the ability to comprehend original Latin texts in the linguistic level of difficulty of more demanding passages (related to areas of political speech, philosophy and historiography) in content, structure and statement." (Agreement on the Latinum and the Graecum, resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany of 22.09.2005).

The Latinum is valid in conjunction with the certificate of general qualification for university entrance.

Why the Latinum?

At some universities, Latinum or knowledge of Latin is a prerequisite for certain courses of study, e.g.: humanities subjects in Germany, European languages in Switzerland, human medicine and dentistry in Austria, to name but a few. Admission varies from university to university.

And why Latin?

Especially with the current mechanization of our world, Latin lessons help to focus again on the human being, on needs, on meaning, on emotions and understanding. In addition, logical thinking is trained in the analytical area. Competences about grammar and structure of language, rhetoric and effect of speeches are trained. And it is fun!


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