Nominating Committee: Call for Candidates

Dear Members of the German School Society,

We are looking for members, who are willing to help shape the future of our society by serving as a member of the Board of Directors starting this Spring.  We have a number of important upcoming initiatives that the Board will need to address which include, selection of a new Head of School; development and promotion of Fundraising/Outreach Activities; and filling open administrative positions.

As a Board Member it will be important that you can act independently and objectively in order to strategically position the Society in coming years in order for us to continue to grow.   The main content areas are Personnel, Building and Transport, Finances, Health and Safety, and Outreach and Advancement. As a Board Member, you will gain insight in the running of our school, learn a lot about intercultural interactions and be an integral part of major strategical decisions. A background in law, marketing and fundraising, construction and real estate law, or finances is of great benefit.

The duties of the Board are outlined in our By-Laws. The time commitment for a Board Member consist of at least 1-2 monthly meetings with all Board Members or the respective committee that the Board Member is part of.  Time commitment may vary dependent on initiatives and if, anything unplanned arises.  We encourage you to talk to current Board Members to understand the responsibilities and time involved.

The Nominating Committee has been convened in order to support interested candidates by collecting applications, answering questions about working on the Board, and putting candidates in touch with Board members, the Head of School as well as the Business Director. In the coming weeks, members of the Nominating Committee will actively approach members of the School Society to encourage them to become candidates.

Members of the Nominating Committee are Ms. Laura Black (Committee Chair), Ms. Anette Liles (Deputy Chair of the Committee), Ms. Julie Keda, Mr. Patrick McNulty (Board Member) and Mr. Shumit Chanda (Board Member). You can reach the Committee for questions and to submit your preliminary application at Later on, we kindly ask for a one or two-page introduction to your person including what motivates you to become a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors and your resume/curriculum vitae.  The letter and resume can be written in the language (German or English) that you are most comfortable using.  We will arrange to have it translated into the other language (German or English). If possible, please also provide a photo so our members can place your name to your face.  These materials will be published online on the password-protected area of the school website when the candidates are introduced to the members.

The Election of the Board Members will take place during the Membership Meeting, which is scheduled for June 11th, 2020.

Kind regards,

The Nominating Committee

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