Our Field trip to the Science Center

Student reports:

The first thing we did at the Science Museum was go to a cool room that was similar to an arcade, but science themed. The next thing we did was go upstairs to a so-called laugh garden where the more you moved the more people on the screens laughed. Then we went into another interesting room where we constructed a tiny house out of soft bricks. After that, we went into a room where it was all about shadows, mirrors and fuel, and there was even a nail bed that you could lie on and you would not hurt yourself. Next, we went to a science class called ziplock chemistry where we learned what chemicals do when mixed together: they can make heat and produce cold. Then we went to a room that was all about dinosaurs. At the very end, we went on a machine where, when you pulled a rope, a tennis ball shot into the air. I enjoyed our field trip, and I recommend that you go to the Science Museum, too.  

Isabelle H. 


Our trip to the Science Center!

On December 12th the fourth graders had a very fun trip to the Baltimore Science Center. I learned a lot about chemical reactions with dry ice during a stage show. When you put a glow stick in hot water it glows brighter, in cold water it dims, and in dry ice it stops glowing all together.

I enjoyed the exhibit in which you could experience how different animal see, for example squids see everything blue. Two of my favorite exhibits were the water tornado and the tennis ball launcher. I learned a lot and had so much fun and I hope I come again soon!

Lukas O.


Our Field Trip 

 On the 12th of December, we went to the Maryland Science Center. We learned a lot about chemistry and did many fun experiments. Our class did “ziplock chemistry” with an expert. We found out that baking soda and water mixed together make a cold, liquidy substance. We also learned that a mixture of calcium chloride and water first gets warm and then turns cold. My favorite experience was a chemistry show where the expert somehow turned normal fire into colored fire. Also, there was a bed of nails that felt like a strange massage. I found this field trip excellent.  

Walter B.  


The Science Museum 

 In the Science Center Museum, I learned if you set different metals on fire, they will turn different colors, for example, one I know is copper. If you set it on fire the flame turns green. Others turn purple, orange, red and blue. Pretty cool, huh? Well, that’s not all. There was a bike where you have to pedal with your hands to make a light bulb glow. Sounds pretty hard, but it’s easy. That was cool, really cool! I am never going to forget this one.  

Also there was a machine where when you pulled some heavy ball with a rope and let it go, all of the pressure was pushed into a tube next to it with a tennis ball and it went high up and sometimes it went right back into the tube without touching the tube. Can you imagine that? At first, it blew my mind, so let it blow yours.  

Did you know that if you put hot air in a thin layered bag for a pretty long time, it flies and then the cold air comes in and the hot air goes out.  

There was also some glass ball with something in it that is attracted to heat. So, if you place your hand on the ball, it follows your hand as long as it’s on the glass.  

I also saw something where you spin a wheel and in front of you is a tube with water and if you spin it fast enough there’s a huge water tornado.  

There was also a seat and a rope. You had to buckle yourself up and pull on the rope as if you were climbing a mountain. That action would pull the seat up in the air. It only took me five seconds to do it.  

Last but not my least favorite were two mirrors behind each other. One of them was sticking out and the other one was bumped in. If you looked at the one that was bumped in and slowly walked away it looked like you were leaving time and when you slowly walked towards it again it looked like you were entering time.  

The Science Center was so cool. I wish I could have stayed there forever, but I had to come back to school. 

Elias C. 


Our trip was awesome. After we had snack time, put our bags away and hung our coats, we split in groups and started out on the first floor. There were a lot of cool stuff on the first floor like the thing where you turned the wheel and a vortex formed in a glass tube filled with water. There were also a lot of cool stuff on the second floor like that thing about measurements. You had to put a ping pong ball into a small plastic catapult, pull it back, and try to get the ball into various shaped holes. The third floor was all about electricity. You could save electricity at one station by pumping water into a container. Later we explored a station that turned out to be a favorite of lots of my classmates. We had to pull a dumbbell with a rope attached to it in a glass tube and drop it. The compressed air shot the tennis ball up.

Edmond H.

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