Our winners in the EUREKA competition “Man and Nature” 2023

Twenty students from 5th to 8th grade won recognition. Congratulations!

Nearly 38 000 students from 561 schools participated in Germany’s nationwide competition, "Man and Nature." At the end of November 240 GISW students answered 45 questions in a multiple-choice test about nature and the environment, humans and animals, and about technology and research. What is tofu made of? Which vegetables belong to the family of pumpkins? What is the name of the technology used to produce electricity from solar energy? What species of animal is a whale shark? Students of different levels wracked their brains over these questions for an entire school lesson. With success!

Congratulations to all who participated, and special thanks to the school administration for its generous support.

Steffi Colopy

STEM Coordinator

Klasse 3Jahrgangsstufe 3: 3.Preis: Lina S., Clara S.; 2. Preis: Robert R.; 1.Preis: Maria C.


Jahrgangsstufe 4: 3. Preis: Manu N.; 2.Preis: Jacob B.-T.: 1. Preis: Alwin H. (nicht auf dem Foto)

Jahrgangsstufe 5: 3. Preis: Lena L.; 2.Preis: Jakob B.; 1.Preis: Jonathan T.

Jahrgangsstufe 6: 3. Preis: Johannes L.; 2.Preis: Julian B.-T. und Henry B.; 1. Preis: Hashim E.

Jahrgangsstufe 7: 3.Preis: Theo S. und Matthias M.; 2.Preis: Ariane P.; 1.Preis: Matilda S.

Jahrgangsstufe 8: 1.Preis: Fynn Z.; 2.Preis: Lourdes R.-B.: 3.Preis: Annie K.

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