Panda Group: Mini Field Trip & Parent Picnic

Dear Parents,

Our first September walk outside to the Sports fields was a great experience for the kids of the Panda group. We were on the hunt for animals with your children and walked through grass and woods. We saw squirrels, birds, butterflies and ants. The children were collecting stones and acorns and they played in the beautiful, clean sand of the beach volleyball field. The kids loved exploring nature and to watch the animals. With their five senses, the kids learned about their environment, how different it smells outside, how you hike uphill and downhill, how soil feels as you walk over it and how sand feels when you run it through your fingers, how good it feels to experience the warmth of the sun, and to hear the wind in the trees. The kids enjoyed our little field trip very much.

Our  outdoor picnic for the parents of the panda and  zebra group was great opportunity to get to know each other. Thank you for bringing all the yummy food!


Jessica Elias and U. Sophia Koch

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