Pangea Competition

The first round of this year’s Pangea competition took place prior to Winter Break on Friday, February 16, 2018, in the 5th and 6th periods. In total, 45 students of grades 5-10 of the GISW participated.

The Pangea competition is not about pure mathematics, but rather connects the participants with the joy of puzzles and evaluation of logic and mathematical skills. Third to tenth graders can take part in this three-level ompetition. The best 500 of each grade level throughout all School in Germany and German Schools Abroad will qualify for the second round, which in turn will determine 10 students who then participate in the final round.

Last year, the GISW participated in this competition for the very first time. 20 students entered, and two of them qualified for the second round and one for the final round.

The results of this year’s first round will be announced after Easter Break.

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