Preschool: Book Recommendation

Dear Parents,

We have lots of fun books for this time of year. We want to introduce one of our favorites here.

What sparkles in the snow?    

by Jonathan Emmet and Vanessa Cabban

The cute little Mole digs himself out of his and above  the ground in the middle of winter. He sees snow for the first time in his life. Everything seems to be so calm and peaceful, as if his surroundings were enchanted. He sets off to explore the area and discovers an icicle  thinking this is a diamond. He would like to take the diamond home, but that proves to be difficult. The diamond is very heavy and starts to melt until there is nothing left . Oh, thinks the mole, this is really an enchanted diamond. Soon he meets Hedgehog, Squirrel and Rabbit. They explain to the mole that what he found is actually an icicle.  The mole is disappointed, but the disappointment transforms quickly into a sense of wonder as he and his animal friends look at the snow-covered tree nearby, beautifully sparkling with all his icicles in a magnificent golden sunset.

This book has exactly what you want for children: A beautiful story where kids learn and discover written in a clear language and supported by beautiful pictures.

Please visit our preschool library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:00 pm to read and borrow this and other books.

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