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Preschool: Exploring Afghanistan

Our preschoolers spent an entire week learning about the country of Afghanistan. They looked on a world map to see where the country is located, talked about how children in Afghanistan live, and listened to Afghan music.  Every child had the opportunity to create a flag of their own inspired by the colors of the official flag of Afghanistan. Mrs. Khojasteh visited all of groups and read a book about a family who had to flee Afghanistan, in a language that the children didn’t know.  Everyone had the chance to touch and smell dried roses and to practice using a mortar and pestle to grind the dried roses into a powder.  During the week the children sampled a traditional Afghan meal with chicken and rice and enjoyed a typical Afghan snack of flat bread and cream sprinkled with dried rose crumbs. Each child received a beautiful small bag of dried roses and herbs to bring home. Everyone enjoyed experiencing a different culture.

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