Prisons, haunted houses and more

Max G. (4a) prepares for Halloween.

Young scientists devise lighting for mini buildings

One of the highlights of our 4th grade science class is the construction of a lighting system for a dollhouse. With a lot of dedication, students had built small rooms out of shoe boxes and decorated them in various forms. Whether the building models were a prison, a cockpit, ghost house or Lego room, the students were eager to put lights in their mini rooms and decided that installing a light switch will save energy and battery life.

After careful planning, they sketched their ideas and drafted “shopping lists” for materials such as  pole clamps, light bulbs, batteries and lead wires.

After much enthusiastic scientific work, the teachers Ms. Colopy and Ms. Pence heard exclamations from all work stations: “It shines!” or “It works!”. At the conclusion of science class each team proudly presented its radiant room. 

by Andrea Pence and Steffi Colopy

Chester C. (4a) had also an unique idea for his project.
Lilly T. and Jana H. (4a) complete their building plans.
Antonia M. and Louise S. (4b) in deep concentration
Sebastian B. and Chase H. (4a) “Success!”
Annrike F. and Marieke H. (4a) present their ghost house.
Cheers for the science class!

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