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Prof. Dr. Losert reports about Brownian molecular movement in the process of diffusion in cells

Brownian molecular movement plays a big role in the process of diffusion in cells – Professor Dr. Losert talks to our students about his work

On November 17, 2017, Professor Dr. Losert visited our tenth grade physics class at the GISW. He is in the Physics Department and Associate Dean at the University of Maryland. In top-notch science laboratories, he and his team conduct research regarding storage of information in the brain and regarding the fight against cancer.

Professor Dr. Losert held a very interesting presentation about Brownian molecular movement. Brownian molecular movement is the movement of miniscule parts of matter due to their temperature.  We learned that Brownian molecular movement plays an important role in the process of diffusion in animal as well as plant cells.

GISW students, who are interested in the field of scientific research and who would like to learn more about working in a scientific lab, are welcome to apply for an internship with Professor Dr. Losert at the University of Maryland.

Miriam M.

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