Project Week at the Elementary School

Dear Parents of the Elementary School (SEL through grade 4), 

Next week, Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, our Project week begins!

Here is some important information for you to review:

-On Tuesday, students of the SEL and first-graders may be accompanied by parents to their designated room. However, staff will also be available to help students find the correct rooms. (Below please find the list of rooms for the 1st day and any other important information for your child’s project).

-On Friday, March 24t ,2017 parents can visit project rooms from 8:30-10 am to view projects and presentations!

  • Across the world (Castillo, Frater, Ramirez), SEL Room 3
  • Kids from other countries (Eberhard, Ascencio), elementary school room 7  (Room of 1A)
  • Let’s explore France! (Hardage, Wassmuth, Beckmann) SELRoom 2
  • Games from across the world (Weinhardt, Brown), computer room Elementary School
  • Art across the world (Meier-Schellersheim, Aminzadeh), Elementary School room 8 (room of 1B)
  • India: Tranquility in the land of colors. (Kapustin, Schweitzer), Elementary School room 8 (room of 3B)—Please wear loose clothing like yoga pants, leggings, or athletic wear.
  • Traveling to English-speaking countries. (Monnett, Hoover), Elementary School music room
  • Red cross and first aid around the world (Scholl, Baker),Elementary School room 3 (room of 3A)
  • A travel adventure to Turkey (Osiander, Cakir), Elementary School room 6 (room of 2B). Please bring a red t-shirt!
  • Attention all young architects! (Pence, Eibner, Rodrigues), Elementary School room 1 (room of 4B)

Best regards,

Your Elementary School Faculty

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