Reading to Children

Our preschoolers visit the Preschool Library on a regular basis and look at the borrowed picture books with great curiosity. But they are just as enthusiastic about being read to.

You can do so much good for your child while reading books to them:

1. Reading to children is a  wonderful ritual. Children need rituals as they feel safe and secure. They learn about the world, themselves, and their surroundings.

2. Being read to awakens the joy of reading, literature and language.

3. Listening helps children to develop patience and perseverance; it strengthens the ability to concentrate.

4. Being read to promotes language development and communication skills.

5. Reading to children teaches them social skills and trains emotional intelligence.

6. By listening to stories, children learn to understand and accept other perspectives and habits and to empathize with other people.

6. Reading fosters creativity and encourages imagination, which helps children to better manage their daily lives.

Martina Voss

Preschool Librarian

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