Recess Helpers at the Elementary School

Last week the „recess helpers“ of the Elementary School made their first appearance of this school year! In our regular meetings with the student representatives, it came to light to there ias interest in bringing back the “recess helpers” program. The recess helpers program was thus again implemented in order to assign part of the responsibility of sustaining playground rules to the students. Their function is as a peer support and to help their fellow students if they need help or have questions. With the coordination of our student representatives we trained students from the 3rd and 4th grade for the recess helper positions. The recess helper’s duties include the following: they are allowed to assist with the soccer game rulings; they can remind students if they are using playground devices incorrectly, and they can help mediate conflicts between students and/or report to the adult recess duty for help. In order to be highly visible the field guards they wear bright yellow vests and have whistles to get students’ attention. The students take their responsibility seriously and have proven to be very competent and responsible. We are very proud of them!

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