Regional Professional Development at GISW

We are starting the new school year with a new process facilitator in the North American region of the network of German Schools abroad. After a successful handover by Mr. Torsten Steininger, we warmly welcome Dr. Alexandra Blank to the GISW site and look forward to a successful collaboration.

The first 3-day Regional Professional Development (ReFo) on "Language Sensitive Teaching -DFU: Reflection of Established Practices and Further Development" was very successful. Speakers Tim Sonnenwald from AvH Montreal and Lisa Kranzler from German International School Silicon Valley reflected with teachers of German-language subjects on the current state of language-sensitive teaching practices in our region. In the process, they reviewed and added to regional support mechanisms in this realm, built important actionable knowledge for themselves and their subject teams, and picked up ideas for further development at their schools.

The weather also cooperated, so that everyone was able to enjoy the city of Washington D.C. and the surrounding area to the fullest during their stay.

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