School-Email and Internet Access

Dear Parents of Grades 5-12,

Life at school will be different after Winter Break!

Your children will have a personal school-email account and can register one electronic device (except smartphone) for Wi-Fi access, creating the opportunity to use laptops/tablets in class.

Accordingly, the all-faculty conference passed a new set of rules regarding the student use of computers and the internet at the DSW, a hard copy of which is being distributed to your children this week.

The last page of this document would need to be signed by both parents and student. Should you decide that your child will not register a device at this point in time, he/she is asked to return the signed document to the classroom teacher. In case a device registration is requested, the signed document needs to be presented along with the device to our IT Director Michael Heller ( Mr. Heller will register the device and note the registration number (aka MAC address) on the document.

All students will receive comprehensive training regarding use school email and internet access at school.

I am very happy about this innovation and convinced that this will simplify communication as well as enrich instruction in class.

Kind Regards,

Petra Palenzatis.
Head of School

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