School Pets

The “S” in STEM is for “Science” – Here is “Science in Action”

A big thank you goes to the students and their families who took our school animals home during the break and took good care of them!

In the multipurpose room of the science building live various small animals, even a gecko named Georgie! During class, they serve to illustrate the biological concepts we teach at all levels. But really, they were bought for students in the afternoon course, “Students Experiment.” During this school year, students came up with the idea to explore topics such as, "How does a mouse find its hole?" ,“Who is smarter: a mouse, a hamster or a gerbil?” and "Are mice trainable?"

Mixed student teams across different grade levels between 3rd and 6th grade develop their own animal studies, observing and evaluating animal behavior in order to answer their questions. This is hands-on Science!

If you are curious now, visit us in the science building, you might like to be a short time animal parent too!

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