School Year 2020/21 - Vaccinations

Dear Parents,

As this unprecedented school year finally comes to an end, it is time to start planning for next school year. Please read this letter from the Maryland Department of Health about the importance of vaccinations.  The GISW/Health Room website has the Montgomery County vaccine requirements by age and other health forms that may be required for the upcoming school year.

Please note that SEL and 7th graders have additional vaccine requirements.

  • All students entering School Entry Level (SEL) must submit proof of TWO varicella vaccinations (or documentation of Varicella disease)
  • All students entering 7th grade must have had one Tdap vaccination AND one meningococcal vaccination

Also, please be aware that the meningococcal vaccine needs to be the MCV-4 vaccine or equivalent and must have been administered within the last 10 years.  Individual Meningitis B and Meningitis C vaccines are not accepted for the Meningococcal vaccination requirement.

It is recommended that you work with your child’s doctor to get his/her immunization record or the vaccinations that are missing as soon as possible as doctors may have longer than normal wait times for well visits.

If you have already submitted vaccination records indicating administration of the above vaccines, you do not need to resubmit.  If you have questions about immunizations that are required for school, please call your child’s doctor or email the school nurse at Please always contact me by email, not by phone because my office hours are limited during the summer..

Stay safe, stay health and have a great summer!


Rebecca Horning, BSN-RN

School Nurse


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