Science as a laughing matter

On Friday, November 15th, the 9th grade and the Neuroscience AG of the GISW visited the German Embassy to attend a comedy show, presented by German physicist and comedian Vince Ebert. Upon arrival, we were directed to the auditorium, where many students from various schools were gathered. Prior to the comedy show, the audience was informed in serious tones about the work of the German Embassy and their partnership with the United States. After a delicious lunch, the students took to their seats, excitedly awaiting the comedy show. Vince Ebert proudly announced that he wanted to prove that Germans have a sense of humor. He successfully brought the crowd to laughter through his slightly politically incorrect, yet funny jokes. For example he stated that Germans are obsessed with travel insurance. A German family may book a trip into the wild jungle to meet cannibals – but not without “Reiserücktrittsversicherung”!        

After the show the students returned to school and were thrilled to have experienced such a great adventure. 

Rachel E. (9b)

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