"SE-Day" School Development Day - Awards

On May 27, 2021, the Steering Committee organized the School Development Day or "SE Day" for the first time. This day, which will be held annually from now on, is intended to illustrate the work of the steering Committee to the school community. Our fourth- to eleventh-graders creatively explained and illustrated different aspects of school development in a video-and-poster competition with 87 wonderful entries, such as Binnendifferenzierung, Media in the Classroom, Coaching and Challenging programs (FuF), German as a Second Language (DaZ), and German in other subject instruction (DFU).

SE Day began with activities in the preschool and a picnic at lunch for the entire student body.

We are grateful to the Friends who generously provided us all with ice cream on this hot day and the winners were announced to the school community in a Zoom event in the evening. It was a very active and fun day all around!

Many thanks to Kent B. (11b) and Sarah D. (10a) for hosting the evening event.


The Winners of the competition in different categories are:


1st Place: Class 5A (Dr. Müller and Griffin visit class 5A)


2nd Place: Daniela Jacoby, Annika McNulty (6b)







3rd Place: Amelia F., Josephine B. (7a) - absent on day of awards











1st Place: Malka E., Maxim K., Lynn R., Tim H. (9a)


2nd Place: Tommy G. , Maya K. , Barney R. (10a)


3rd Place: Benjamin Sh., Kavin F. (7a) - also in the photo Amalia (see poster competition)


Winners in the class competition:

1st Place: class 7a

2nd Place: classes 4a+b, 8a ,9a, additional prize (7b).

Congratulations to all winners!

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