Single Bus Tickets

In our school community, friendships form and there are times when a student would like to invite a friend over after school. For this purpose we offer single bus tickets that can be purchased.


It is important to understand that having a ticket does not automatically grant a student a seat on a bus. Some buses are already at or almost at capacity, at other times there may already be additional passengers. Parents are required to e-mail Ms. Karen Kinsler ( at least one day before wanting to use the ticket to confirm that there is room on the requested bus. Priority will always be given to our students with annual passes. We will also allow students with annual bus passes to use another bus to visit class mates at no additional charge. Again, please e-mail Ms. Kinsler the day prior, at the latest, to see about seat availability.


The cost for one-way bus ride for the 2023/24 school year is $15. A round trip is $30. Up to 5 rides can be purchased in advance per card. Please send your request o purchase a card with student’s name to Students can pick up the bus ticket(s) at the school’s front desk in the main building (cash/check). On day of usage, students will need to hand the bus driver their ticket. Tickets will be non-refundable and lost tickets will not be replaced.

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