St. Martin’s procession on November 10, 2017

To all parents of the Preschool, Elementary School (School Entry Level through 4th grade), Middle School and the German Language Courses (GLC)

St. Martin’s procession on November 10, 2017

Dear parents,

As in past years, the Elementary School is organizing the traditional St. Martin’s Procession.

This year the St. Martin’s Procession is going to take place on November 10th. Please bring your lanterns. Many preschoolers and Elementary School students have already crafted theirs. The children are very much looking forward to the procession and we hope you can join us with friends and family.

We will meet in front of the Elementary School at 5:15pm.

Following our tradition, we will start out by singing St. Martins’ songs during our walk and then listen to a reading of the St. Martin’s legend.

After the procession, all children will receive a „Weckmann“, a traditional German pastry. The „Weckmänner“ will be handed out at various locations in front of the Elementary School. Once again, the „Friends of the German International School“ are donating the „Weckmänner“. Thank you! Hot and cold beverages for children and adults will also be on sale. To ensure that this wonderful event will be a great success, we need your cooperation with respect to the course of events and by supporting us by complying to a few simple rules.

The procession will move via the parking lot and behind the Elementary School to the Elementary School’s soccer field.  Here, the St. Martin’s play will take place. We will be walking in the dark and the path will lead down a couple of steps, therefore we advise against bringing strollers.

Parents are responsible for their children during the entire event. All teachers of the Elementary School will be present, but have been assigned various organizational responsibilities. All outside stairs and stairs between buildings will be closed off with yellow tape and access will be prohibited. Please make sure your children are following these rules. Thank you very much!

Please remember that all cars have to be parked on the school's parking lot. The parking lot will have to be closed during the procession for safety reasons, so we would like to ask you to arrive on time. Parking on Kentsdale Drive or Chateau Drive, even on the grassy areas in front of the school, is not permitted.

We hope that all participants will enjoy a festive evening.


Monika Rodrigues                                       Maya Osiander and Kristina Hallex

ES Principal                                                   Event organizers

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