Start of the Science program in the elementary school – The ‟Children’s University”

For the 18th time the GISW held its ‟Children’s University” as the start of the science program in the elementary school. About 40 fourth-graders came to the science building of the upper school to be introduced to the subject of Natural Sciences (NaWi). From Mr. Haider they learned how to fly a hot air balloon and what a implosion is. Mr. Fingerle performed magic producing remarkable colors with certain chemicals and made ‟tooth paste for elephants“. Ms. Bankert acquainted the students with Georgie, the school Gecko; and they learned what biology is about. Following this introduction students were eager to do their own experiments. Safety goggles and lab coats were obligatory and also cool. We all agreed: "This makes learning fun!"

- M. Ascencio, S. Colopy, A. Putscher

Here are voices from some of our young researchers:


Jacob B. (4a)

"On Tuesday, September 6, classes 4a and 4b attended the children's university. There they were introduced to the subjects physics, chemistry and biology. First there was physics taught by Mr. Haider. Lena and Jonas from class 4a made a hot air balloon fly.

Then it was Mr. Fingerle's turn. He is the chemistry teacher. I thought it was very funny when he said, "Now comes a very dangerous liquid." But then it was just water. He then put the water into different glass containers and each time it changed color. Why that happened seemed a mystery, but I and a few other kids know. After that came biology taught by Ms. Bankert. She introduced us to Georgie the gecko. Then we did an experiment ourselves."


Emma (4b)

"First we looked at something super cool: Two kids held a plastic bag and then it flew because there was fire underneath. It worked like a hot air balloon. And then we saw a teacher pour water into a cup and then it changed color, five times! And then came Georgie. She (or is she a he?) is a gecko. She pooped on the teacher's hand. Nawi is great!"


Frieda H. (4a)

"In biology we met Georgie the school gecko. We also saw Georgie's eggs. They weren't fertilized, of course, but they looked like jellybeans. Mr. Fingerle did not want to tell us his subject. But he kept saying all the time, 'I won't tell you that I do chemistry.' That was very funny."


Salome H. (4a)

Children's university was great and we did experiments ourselves. We had to put on goggles and lab coats. It was awesome.


Katharina v. R. (4a)

By the end I thought NaWi is the best subject in the world. I was very sad that we had to leave again.

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