Start of the Science program in the Elementary School – The ‟Children’s University”

For the 16th time, the GISW held its ‟Children’s University” as the start of the science program in the Elementary School. About 40 fourth graders came to the science building of the upper school to be introduced to the subject of Natural Sciences. Mr. Lommert showed them how to make toothpaste for elephants and blow up balloons with a loud bang in multicolored flames. Dr. Ellenrieder introduced the students to the school mouse “Einstein” and showed them what biology is about. Mr. Seesing made wires glow and created magical flames.

Following this introduction, students were eager to do their own experiments. Safety goggles and lab coats were obligatory - and also cool.

We all agreed: "This makes learning fun!"

by A. Pence, M. Ascencio and S. Colopy

Uni1 uni2

Mr. Lommert experiments with special air ballons.

Students are preparing for a loud bang.
uni3 uni4
Mr. Seesing is showing magic air ballons. Adina C., Elisa B. and Talia P. are learning about the material they will use for their experiment.
uni5 uni6
Gordon L. , Lukas A. and Katja G. adding baking soda to the prepare mixture. Isabella H. , Luli B., Kaitlyn K. and Emme P. are well prepared and ready for their experiment.
uni7 uni8

Mateo B. and Joshua P. are following the instructions.

Ana T. and Zareen B. are observing if the citrus concentration is dissolving in water.


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