Steering Committee Report

In the Steering Committee Meeting on April 24, 2018, Ms. Caroline Klick gave a presentation regarding the „Media Concept“.  In order to further the overall use of media such as SMART-Boards and Office 365, subject-specific Media-Curricula are being developed.

At the Elementary School, Ms. Monnett has been teaching a computer course for several years now that includes teaching typing with all ten fingers. As a continuation of that it is in the planning that one of the FuF courses starting in fifth grade will be a computer course where students learn how to use Word, how to organize files and how to create PowerPoint presentations. There is a plan to offer training modules for faculty members on different functions of Office 365.  

New project groups have been initiated and coordinators have been found:

  • Trips and Student Exchange Concept (Nele Vorwerk)
  • Development of a communications thread for teachers, parents, and students (Christian Jessen-Klingenberg and Anna Ordonez)
  • Methods Concept (Raphael Endenich)
  • Instructional units that focus on extra coaching and on challenging our gifted students - Förder- und Forderkurse – FuF (Sabine Jackson)
  • German as a Second Language - Deutsch als Zweite Fremdsprache - DaZ (Katharina Jessen-Klingenberg) 

Ms. Rashid and Ms. Velasco gave a brief report regarding the school-wide survey that is running from May 4 through May 14. The groups that are being surveyed are students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff.

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