STEM: Going through life without a backbone?

These and other questions students asked themselves while studying invertebrates during a biology project in 7th grade.

They came up with amazing results. Here are some particularly creative contributions:


Hendrik J.C. built a model of butterfly locomotion:


Josie B. illustrated the life of starfish with the help of a shoebox:


How do spiders get their food?

Lyra K. explains in a vivid educational film:


Amelia F. explains the recoil principle of jellyfish with the help of an umbrella.

There are even instructions on how to build one:


And for fans of horror movies, here is Oscar A.'s contribution about how scorpions catch their prey:


As you can see … Life can be fine

                                Even with no spine!

Nicole Bankert (Class Teacher and Head of Biology Department)

Steffi Colopy (STEM Coordinator)

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