STEM/MINT: Makeathon

Our network of German Schools around the globe works closely with German institutions and has active student collaborations and exchanges with German Schools. One recent example is the trip a group of GISW students took with their Science teachers in order to join forces with their team partners at a high school in Höchstadt, Germany to continue their work on their innovative Makeathon projects.

The students were tasked to create systematic and functional structures which meant they had to go through important project steps such as preliminary planning, dividing up in teams and tackling different tasks such as programming, software, and mechanics. The students handled every step very well and were able to produce presentable prototypes by the last day. On this Makeathon website created by the team of students from both schools you can get a more detailed overview of each project.

These activities bring young minds from different countries and cultures together to innovate and problem-solve. All makeathon projects include the use of software combined with mechanics, which is an area where Germany is a world-leader especially in automotive engineering and mechanical engineering.

We are excited to provide this opportunity to our GISW students because it promotes international thought exchanges. At GISW, we look forward to hosting the German students who will come to the US to visit us at the end of October 2022 to continue working on the Makeathon. At that time, we will work on optimizing all three projects that we created.

We thank our partners and sponsors: MINT-Ec incl bayme vbm and vbw from the "Sustainability and Technology" competition, the Rotary Club, ITQ and the Gerda Stetter Foundation, Technik ohne Grenzen, High-Octane e.V., ASL (Aischtal Sound & Light), Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V., KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Youth Digitization Award), IGUS,endlosmedia, and Siemens Mobility GmbH. It’s a true pleasure to be part of such an exciting project!

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