STEM: Student Experiments

Dog Experiments

Lucy is adorable!

In the afternoon program on Fridays we have SchüEx a scientific program that allows us to explore and discover more about nature. 

Pia and I have chosen to learn about dogs. We have already started to work on the subject of dogs during regular science class. Since both of us have dogs at home we decided to do some experiments with them. We started with Pia's dog first. Her dog’s name is Lucy. She is a sweet boxer and has already visited the GISW for science class in October. 

We did several experiments with her during our SchüEx hours. We tested her senses of smell, sight, hearing and touch. First we tested her sense of smell. In that experiment we hid some of her favorite treats around the tennis court of the school and measured the time it took for her to find them. Average 5 minutes – pretty good!

We went from one thing to the next, testing all her senses. We discovered that Lucy is sensitive to things that barely touch her or things that are bigger than she is. Then we organized our results in a nice documentation and presented them last Monday to the rest of the group and a jury of 10th graders. We received a certificate and prizes.

The SchüEx afternoon program is tons of fun we will absolutely sign up for next year again! 

By : Annika v.C. and Pia B. 6a 



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