STEM: Wonders of Discovery

A first highlight of the science program in grade 4 is the annual visit to the Maryland Science Museum after the completion of the first lesson unit on "Electricity". In observance of all Corona measures, we departed on the school bus for Baltimore on December 10, 2021.

From astronomy to paleontology, the human body to physics phenomena, the Science Center is packed with innovative exhibits and interactive displays that demonstrate the wonders of scientific discovery.


Some examples include:

Newton’s Alley where you can pull yourself up to the stars in a chair, play a harp without strings and touch a cloud. You can observe the forces of a gravitational well, win a bubble race, and create a water vortex.

In the "Senses and Perception" section, everything gets mixed up right away: you can try out a bed of nails, as well as experiments with light, mirrors, sensory illusions and balance.

In the biology section, we learned that the grossest parts of the human body can also be the most fun and interesting (including the genetics of earwax!).

Chemistry was not neglected either. Through "Ziplock Chemistry," the 4th graders learned about amazing chemical reactions with experiments they performed themselves in a classroom setting.

Of course, a visit to the dinosaurs was not to be missed, and here, too, everything was hands-on. Students were allowed to dig up bones, measure dinosaur legs or sit in a nest with eggs.

In the end, that wasn't so bad, because after such an exciting day of discovery, you're pretty tired.

This is how Ana Isabel L.M. (4b) sums up the day: "It was sad that we had to leave again, everything was so interesting. If you ever have time, make sure you go to the Maryland Science Museum, even the adults will love it!"

Marlen Ascencio, Steffi Colopy, Miriam Sura


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