Students aren’t the only learners here at GISW!

Every school year our educators come together in the week before Thanksgiving for internal teacher development workshops to further develop their amazing skills and ways of thinking — and our classrooms are better for it.

Today we are pleased to welcome Mr. Bob Blume, passionate German high school teacher for German, English and History, successful blogger, YouTuber, owner of numerous social media channels and author for the RAABE-Verlag, the AOL-Verlag, the Klett-Sprachen-Verlag and various online blogs. Straight outta Germany and live via Zoom, Mr. Blume will lead a two-part workshop on digital distance learning with our Lower and Upper School teachers. Mr. Blume has been giving talks, keynotes and workshops on all topics related to blended and virtual learning, digital technologies in the classroom and social media since 2014, making him an experienced and well-sought after expert in this field, especially in these times where schools have shifted to more and more online teaching.

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