USA Science & Engineering Festival

Dear School Community,

The USA Science & Engineering Festival (Scifest) in Washington DC Convention Center has been part of GISW's STEM program for many years.

Normally we have our own booth at this largest scientific educational exhibition in the USA were our students demonstrate their own experiments next to NASA, Lockheed Martin and NIH, to thousands of visitors. A great advertisement for the school!

This year, this extraordinary experience will of course take place virtually, but it is no less interesting. Get ready to be teleported into seven exciting STEM Zones: Defense & Security, Energy, Engineering & Tech, Health & Medicine, Math & Computer Science, Natural Science, and Space and Aviation! Each Zone will include exhibitors offering specific activities and videos for participants to interact with! (

Many students have already been to a virtual field trip just last week with their Nawi teachers, visiting exhibitions, observing experiments and even conducting some themselves.

See this short video by one of our GISW fiftth-graders:

Some students learned magic tricks and conducted a scavenger hunt, winning cool prizes. See some of the favorite shows and exhibits of the fifth-graders.

For students of the upper grades it is exciting to visit the college career center. There you can get inspiration and form network connections to scientific institutes in the greater Washington DC area.

Participation in SciFest is free of charge. All you need to do is create an account using this link, then select the festival days (no limit in number of days!) when you want to attend; and do not to forget to confirm your entries. An e-mail sent to your address will allow you 24 hours of access to all the festival's opportunities.

Have fun! And please feel free to contact me with any questions:

Steffi Colopy

STEM Coordinator

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