Visit of Authentic STEM Official Strengthens GISW’s Role

On Tuesday, March 28th, the German International School Washington (GISW) enjoyed hosting Sylvie Nelson, Co-Director of the Authentic STEM Project. In attendance were students from GISW's Solver teams, the Head of School, Carsten Apsel, the STEM coordinator, Steffi Colopy, and Andreas Haider, the science teacher who oversees the project on site.


During the visit, there was a lively exchange of ideas, and the students had the opportunity to share their new experiences. They discussed how they are benefiting from the Authentic STEM project, how far they have progressed in finding solutions to their respective projects, what problems they still need to solve, how they perceive the project as a whole, and how important it is to be able to apply what they have learned in class to real-life problems.


Ms. Nelson is Executive Director of the North Country Workforce Development Board in upstate New York. She described her personal connection to the project. All participants were inspired by the visit and the exchange. It became clear how active GISW is in the STEM field and what important work is being done right here, right now.


Andreas Haider
Project Supervisor

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