Welcome Baby Birds

We are 4th and 5th grade students and members of the Schüex-AG. (Schüex stands for "Schüler experimentieren.")

In our project, we learn a lot about native birds and try to attract them to the school grounds. At the moment, we are observing the behavior of birds in spring: they look for a mate, build nests, and their singing can be especially beautiful. Each bird species has its own songs which we try to recognize. Our new I-pads help us with this task as well. Using an app from Cornell University, we can record calls, identify the birds, and get links to key information right away.

With our instructor, we recently looked inside two birdhouses. One had moss in it, so we concluded that chickadees had started a nest there, but they had left. We could see other birds fighting over the birdhouse. But then tree swallows got the upper hand and were able to drive off the invaders.

In another birdhouse we put up last year we found four blue bird eggs. We were very happy to see them, but that also means we have to leave the nest alone so as not to disturb the parents while they are trying to nest and raise their young.

I recommend joining the Schüex-AG. It is very interesting and exciting. I learn a lot about our native birds and how to be respectful of nature.

Edgar L. (4b)

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