Wunderbar Together at GISW

In 2019, TU Darmstadt, one of Germany’s leading Universities of Technology, was touring the US with its Science moves you tour as part of the Year of German American Friendship. Students in the US had the chance to 3D scan Athena – the Greek Goddess of wisdom, strategy and the arts and also the mascot of the university – and bring her to life with their own movements. Videos were then shared via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The video with the most likes won a flight to Germany!

On December 11, the German International School Washington D.C. welcomed a very special guest: Philina Wittke, who represents the TU Darmstadt at its office at Virginia Tech, gave a presentation on attending university in Germany. This event was part of the Year of the German American Friendship (“Wunderbar Together”) which meant there weren’t just opportunities for learning and discovery, but also prizes to be won. One highlight was the Virtual Reality Experience, which surely whet our students’ appetite to dig deeper into this kind of technology. A fun and exciting event all around!


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