"Youth Debates Worldwide" at GISW

Funded by the German Foreign Office for the promotion of the German language, the three-day finals of the "Jugend Debattiert Weltweit" competition are currently taking place at GISW. We warmly welcome this year's finalists from Canada, Mexico and the USA and wish them a pleasant stay with some enjoyable excursions in our area in addition to the intensive workshops.
What is "Youth Debate Worldwide"? The ZfA's professional advisors held "Youth Debates Worldwide" in North America in 2021. Over 80 students from more than 30 DSD schools in Canada, Mexico, and the United States participated in the competition, and 16 finalists were invited to San Francisco. Subsequently, students at many schools have now been prepared for this competition again in the spring of 2022. In addition, an online course for students and teachers was again conducted by the subject advisors. Two regional competitions were held to determine this year's finalists, who are currently at our school preparing for the big final. The final will take place on Friday afternoon at the German Embassy. The event at the Embassy is a closed event, but we would like to invite our GISW parents to watch at the pre-final on Friday, October 21 at 10am in 3 rooms and the auditorium in the main building.

This year's final topics, one of which will be chosen and discussed in all groups, are:
1. Should short flights be banned?
2. Should public lighting be restricted?
3. Should sugary drinks be taxed at an additional higher rate according to their sugar content?

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