YOUTH PRESENTS (Jugend Präsentiert)


Presentation Success

It is a special pleasure that in times of the pandemic, distance learning and hybrid teaching we continue to have school successes to report due to the strong commitment of our students.

For example, Anne B. (12a) and Paul v. R. (11b) were able to qualify for the state finals with their video "Why can't we see atoms?" in the nationwide German competition, "Youth presents". Congratulations!
"Jugend präsentiert" is committed to discussion and exchange about research in Germany and is supported by all major science organizations in the country. Among other things, it aims to strengthen the presentation skills of students, especially in STEM subjects, and to promote enthusiasm for natural science, mathematics and computer science.

The aim of the competition, which is organized annually by Wissenschaft im Dialog GmbH, is to present a scientific topic in such a way that the content and presentation style are equally convincing. Successful participants not only qualify for the next round, the national finals, but also receive individual skills training from rhetoric experts at the University of Tübingen.

Who can participate: Students from grade 7 to 12, individually or with a partner

What is required: Creation of a presentation (initially a 5-minute video) on a scientific, mathematical or technical question.

What happens next: Qualified participants receive an invitation to the state finals which usually take place in Germany. The interesting program includes a presentation academy lasting several days with lectures, workshops and live experiments.

This year's online version will include an exciting games evening; so, entertainment is provided even under current unusual circumstances.

Finally, another round will decide who gets to go to the “Final Show” in September in Berlin.

We wish this year's participants good luck and fun on their way to the next round and would like to thank Ms. Nicole Bankert for supporting this initiative!

Steffi Colopy

STEM Coordinator


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