Zooming in on Dogs – four-legged friends in 6A during online NaWi class

Pets are the focus of the 6th graders science class. The students of 6A were particularly interested in dogs, one of the oldest and most popular companions of the human. Questions such as “How much Wolf is still in a dog?“ and "How do dogs communicate with each other and with humans?" were answered by the students.

On Friday, September 25, 2020, students of 6A brought their dogs to the science online class and presented them as follows:

Cayenne: Eleni's dog

Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix, 5 years old.

What she likes: cheese, meat, LOVES peppers, dog treats, running around outside (gets cocky).

What she does not like: water, meeting other dogs (growls and barks).

Does not react to squirrels.

Listens to Eleni's parents ... usually but sometimes not; is not super smart.

Ruby: Pina's dog

Black Labrador from Great Britain, 2 years (in August), 54 cm, short fur.

What she likes: water, moving, learning, playing with the ball, birds (does not hunt them).

What she does not like: pickles.

Has finished dog school, listens best to Pina and her mother.

Izzy: Anni‘s dog

Soft coated Wheaten terrier (farm dog), hypoallergenic, 7 years old.

What she likes: people, other animals, cheese (VERY MUCH).

Is playful and sometimes very wild.

She thinks she is the leader and sometimes she is!

Ellie & Indi: Chester's dogs

Ellie: Golden Retriever, 9 years old, golden fur.

Lively, cuddly, must go for walks a lot, too old to hunt

Listens to Chester's mother.

Indi: mixed breed, 2 years old.

Was adopted on the golf course, gets along well with Ellie.

Both dogs are well trained, but do not get along with the cat of the house.

Lady & Lissy: Theresa's dogs

Rattler, 4 years old.

What they like: Hunting squirrels, eating cucumbers, being outside.

Both are very agile and curious.


Berlin: Martin's dog

German Pointer mix

What he likes: hunting squirrels, brussels sprouts.

What he does not like: water.

He is very friendly, sporty and active, but also a bit stupid and doesn't understand any commands.





by Anni F., Pina K. & Undine U. (6a)

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