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Who are the NEWBEES?

We are actively engaged parents of students at the German International School Washington D.C. (GISW). We come from many different countries and cultures – and at one time we, too, were new to the school. The NEWBEES are organized by the Parents’ Council of the GISW, and work together with the School Administration and the Head of School.

What do the NEWBEES offer?

  • Our goal is to answer any questions you may have regarding life at the GISW.
  • We will be there to facilitate a smooth start at our school.
  • Upon request, we would like to put you in contact with a “Partner-Family”.
  • We organize NEWBEES-Breakfasts - this is a great opportunity to meet other parents.
  • We organize a series of NEWBEES -Talks which offer a wealth of useful information.


Who are “Partner-Families”?

“Partner-Families” are families at the GISW who volunteer to assist you and your children during your initial time at our school by answering your many questions.

Would you like to become a “Partner-Family”?

Sign up here ot BECOME a "Partner-Family".

Are you new to the GISW?

Sign up here FOR a "Partner-Family" 


Would you like to get in contact with the NEWBEES?

Please send us an email:

We wish you all a smooth start and a happy time at our school! These Yellow Pages (from parents for parents) are designed to help you settle in.

The NEWBEES are looking forward to seeing you soon!



The German International School Washington D.C. stays in touch with its alumni around the globe and is very proud of their achievements.

Are you an alum?


Founded in 1969 and run solely by parent volunteers, this group raises funds to benefit GISW. Learn more about the Friends