Who are the NEWBEES?

We are engaged parents of students at the GISW and come from many different countries and cultures – and at one time we, too, were new to the school. Our goal is to answer any questions you may have regarding life at the GISW, to facilitate a smooth start for your child/your children at our school, and to integrate you in our school community as quickly as possible.

What do the NEWBEES offer?

  • We are here to answer your questions throughout the year
  • Upon request, we will put you in contact with a “Partner-Family”
  • During the school year we organize NEWBEES-Breakfasts which are a great opportunity to meet other parents of our school community


Who are Partner-Families?

Partner-Families are experienced families at the GISW who would like to assist you and your children during your initial time at the GISW by answering your many questions even before the beginning of the school year, or before you move into the neighborhood. They even might be your first social contact in our school community.

If you are a new family and interested in a Partner-Family, please fill in the questionnaire, which will allow us to find the best match for you – we especially focus on the age of the children and the language preference.

How to get in contact with the NEWBEES?

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you personally. You can reach us at newbees@giswashington.org.

Please also take advantage of the Gelbe Seitenwhich were created by parents for parents and might be very useful during your initial time in the Washington Metro Area.

Cordi Everett
Claudia Hildebrand
Nina Rosendahl
Becky Kilhefner-White